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Gun Safe Moving Denver Colorado and Entire Front Range

Moving a gun safe by yourself may not be a great idea.  These safes are heavy, some can way half a ton. They have many moving parts that can be easily damaged forcing you to call a locksmith to get your door open or possibly even having to replace the gun safe altogether.

Extreme caution must be taken when moving a gun safe.  One wrong step, one slip, can cause over 1,000 pounds of steel and metal to crush you or damage your residence severely.  Once again, although we recommend you hire a professional Gun Safe Mover specialist to move your safe, you will find some helpful do it yourself tips on our website in our blog under “Gun Safe Mover Denver” if you decide to tackle the task yourself.

Go King Mover has an entire division dedicated to moving gun safe’s and other safes.  Our movers are specifically trained to use special equipment to move your gun safe without incident or damage.  Rest assured that we are licensed with the DOT (Department of Transportation) and fully licensed.  Our gun safe professional movers are employees of our company and highly trained.

Even a direct flat floor move of your gun safe can cause potential problems but if you have stairs, landing areas, tight turns or special circumstances it can be almost impossible to move a gun safe, or large safe, without the proper equipment without damaging your walls or taking walls down.  We have the proper equipment including the Ultra Lift motorized stair dolly specifically designed for moving large heavy items such as a gun safe.  We also carry many accessories like stair landing expanders to aid in helping us make tight turns.  In addition, your gun safe will be wrapped in padded blankets and any additional precautions will be taken to ensure a smooth, disaster free move.

Our dedicated large safe and Gun Safe Mover division is ready to provide you with an affordable quote, one that we are sure will be hard to beat with any of our competitors.  Your quote will include a flat rate with no hidden charges.  Book your gun safe move today and rest assured that we will arrive on time, move your large safe or gun safe with our specifically designed tools, arrive on time and eliminate all surprises.  Call now for an instant large safe, or gun safe moving quote at 303-751-7714